We chose to focus on six specific industries

Our experts are specialists in their chosen fields with extensive end practical experience.


Our teams can offer project management solutions along with equipment for companies involved in the production of cement. Regardless of the scale of your project, we will help you adopt techniques and process that drive efficiency and profitability through technology, expertise, and experience.

Lime and Gypsum

The production of lime and gypsum to be used in the construction industry is another area of expertise. Regardless of where your business is positioned within the production process, we can supply the equipment you require. We conduct thorough audits of your processes to maximise profitability.


The mining industry covers everything from fossil fuels to precious metals, and we have a comprehensive knowledge of all aspects. Depending on the scale of your project, we will offer you advice and machinery and put in measures that comply with the latest industry standards and minimise environmental impact.


Steel is used continually in our everyday lives, with incredible amounts required each day. It is a capital intensive operation with tight margins that, if not effectively managed, can lead to costs spiralling out of control. Our teams will work with you to develop processes and production techniques to increase efficiency, reduce wastage and maximise profitability.


The production of power is essential, and an increasing number of companies are now looking for greener alternatives such as biomass. We can assist you with all aspects of your energy production, reducing the environmental impact while also being efficient and cost-effective. Depending on your operation, we can suggest the best options for you.

Waste heat recovery

An incredible amount of energy is lost in the form of heat in many production processes. Our experts can devise a waste heat recovery system that increases efficiency, reduces fuel bills and is better for the environment. Our experts will evaluate a range of solutions putting forward their suggestions as to what would be best for you and your organization.

Meeting the industrial needs of 21st century

With a reputation for satisfying the needs of global industry, Euro Engineering has a network of leading industry experts with extensive experience across a range of specialist fields. Providing technical services, industrial equipment and engineering know-how to a diverse range of clients spread across several industries. We speak your language and provide genuine solutions.