The design phase of any facility has long-term ramifications on the success of the project

We cover a vast range of different specializations.

Basic Design

The design phase of any new facility will have long-term implications on the success of the project. It lays the foundations that will ultimately determine the success and overall performance of your business. The initial conceptual designs will be produced by an expert, someone who understands the industry and what you are trying to achieve. It will ultimately impact on your costs, efficiency, and safety of your operation. Poor design will lead to reduced efficiency and challenges in meeting your goals.

Before any project can commence, it is essential that a comprehensive list of deliverables is issued. It will be required to resolve technical details and provide an accurate estimate of the overall cost of the investment. The list will include files and drawings that will form an integral part of the bidding process for each OEM.

We use the latest technology and software to design your facility. Each design will be unique and customised to match the layout of your premises. We will work closely with you to understand your needs and objectives.

Detail Design

Our detailed design packages will include professionally produced technical documentation, clearly detailing the specifications and including any supplementary information  that may be required to get the project to the implementation phase. We produce the necessary construction and fabrication drawings, specifications, and documentation required to purchase, build, install, commission, validate, and qualify your facilities and equipment during the engineering phase.

Meeting the industrial needs of 21st century

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