Machinery & Industrial Services

Euro Engineering is the right partner for your projects.

At Euro Engineering we offer a comprehensive range of customised engineering and commercial solutions for our global clients, with our primary focus being on the South East Asian market. Our dedicated team of  experts have extensive knowledge of various industrial sectors, with a key element of this expertise being in the field of process technologies.

We have international experience and have cooperated with clients all over the world, starting from feasibility studies to commissioning, either for single machines or entire production plants. Excellence comes as standard, and we have forged links with an extensive network of global  technology providers leaders in the market.

Industry Knowledge

At Euro Engineering we also understand the increasing competition and regulatory pressure that investors are experiencing. We know how to value your project and assisting you with our extensive industry knowledge providing the solutions you need.

Increase Performance

Regardless if you are seeking new investment opportunities based on feasibility studies or the right advisor for purchasing your industrial machine, Euro Engineering is your perfect partner. We provide bespoke and innovative engineering options and technical services tailored to meet your goals.

Euro Engineering

Euro Engineering Machinery and Industrial Services.

With a global presence, we have clients in a range of industries, including mining, power, steel, waste heat recovery systems ,cement and lime and gypsum.


We have expertise in numerous industries but choose to focus on  six specific ones primarily. We continually source and deliver process technologies along with the appropriate consulting and technical services. Our industry experts are specialists in their chosen fields with extensive and practical experience gained on the ground.


Euro Engineering covers a vast range of different specializations, and our team has industry knowledge in a wide variety of areas and can provide you with invaluable  advice ensuring you the selection of the right technical consultant. We adopt tried and tested strategies as well as embracing modern and cutting-edge techniques.

Industrial Equipment

With competition cutthroat in almost all areas of industry and engineering, choosing the right industrial equipment is essential. In addition, this equipment needs to be correctly utilised to ensure optimal performance, thus increasing efficiency, reducing overheads while increasing output. It allows you to be the driving force in your industry.

Technical Service

Our in-depth technical services cover all aspects of your project, providing you with everything you need. Thanks to our comprehensive knowledge covering a multitude of disciplines, we provide you with the solutions you need. Our excellent reputation means that you will be working with some of the most respected individuals in your industry.

Meeting the industrial needs of 21st century

With a reputation for satisfying the needs of global industry, Euro Engineering has a network of leading industry experts with extensive experience across a range of specialist fields. Providing technical services, industrial equipment and engineering know-how to a diverse range of clients spread across several industries. We speak your language and provide genuine solutions.